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"Lomo saltado de carne"
Stir fry petit Sirloin, red onion, red & yellow peppers, with Peruvian flavor. (NK Meat)
"Ali de gallina"
is a Peruvian chicken stew.  It's composed of a red onion, garlic and ali amarillo sofrito base which shredded boiled poultry, bread simmered in milk, and pecan nuts are cooked. (NK Meat)
"Saltado Vegetariano"
Stir fry Portobello Mushroom, red onion, red yellow peppers, with peruvian flavor (Maplewood Farmer Market)
Sweet Plantain with paprika, salt and Queso Fresco.  Side of Crema de Rocoto
Purple potato medley, with sweet Chili Sauce with turkey sausage. (NK Meat)


"Pollo Saltado"

Stir fry chicken, soy sauce, red onion, red & yellow peppers, with peruvian flavor, baby watercress, crema de aji and potato stix. Ciabatta bread from Panera Bread & Organic chicken from NK MEAT.

"Carne Asada"
Mix of Beef short Rib and brisket, slow cooked for 4 hours, cerveza negra, topedp with arugula, pineapple,shredded carrot and crema verde on a ciabatta bread from panera Bread & Meat from (NK Meat).
"Pescado Frito"

Pan fried cod with purple and green creamy slaw, lime aji Amarillo Mayo, top with scallion on artisan roll. (Fish from Maplewood Village Freeman's Fish Market )



Peruvian dulce de Leche Jelly Roll.


Are a classic Peruvian cookie with silky smooth manjar blanco (dulce de leche) sandwiched in between two melt-in-your mouth short bread-like cookies with powdered sugar.

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