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Order at the truck...

Find us at a nearby event and order directly from us . View our location here.

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Oh, we cater, too

Planning an event and want something different?  Book the Truck or Event


1-Carne Asada Sandwich $15.00

2-Sandwich Vegetariano(Beet/Quinoa/lima beans/Sauté vegetable) with breaded tomato $15.00

3-Sandwich de puerco desmenuzado with coleslaw & crema de aji dulce $15.00


1-Carne Asada bowl with Peruvian-Chinese rice. $16.00

2-Puerco desmenuzado with Peruvian-Chinese rice.  $16.00

3-Vegetarian bowl with Peruvian-Chinese rice. $16.00


All food items come with 1 of our famous Cremas!!!

Crema de Aji Amarillo, Crema de Rocoto, Crema de Huancaina,

Crema de Aceituna, Crema Rosada (Golf) Crema de Huacatay

$0.75 for Extra Crema



- Papa Rellena de Carne 2 for $5.00

-Causa de Pollo con Mayo peruana 4 for $6.00

-Empanadas 3 for $6.00

A-Carne (Beef) 3 for $3.00

B-Pollo (Chicken) 3 for $7.00

C-Vegetariana (Vegetarian) 3 for $7.00


1-Alfajaros with dulce de leche sauce 3 for $5.00

2-Pionono de Manjar blanco (sponge cake dulce de leche) 2 for $5.00 

3-Banana Choco Bread Pudding 2 for $5.00 

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Are you having an event? Click here for a Catering Menu. Our Catering Team will get right back to you with more info!

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